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Quality Control

Quality Control

Born with a willingness to guarantee quality safety, Cotion has a very strict examination system in each manufacturing links from the origin of raw materials to the final products, while working close collaboration with the third -party international testing laboratories, and keeping a strict quality control on the products according to requirement of the related laws and regulations.

Food Safety
Coition's R&D is characterized by a professional spirit, resulting in building a quality management system, focus on tracing origin of ingredient and guaranteeing high-quality of product, making sure our products certificated by the related food safety system. Meanwhile the combination with high-effect producing management and improving production craft gives a double insurance for food safety.

Law stands at the heart of Cotion's daily performance. The Group implements the existing law and regulations while keeps a constant attention on the updating regulations from governments. And the Group also regularly invites the professional lawyers for training to reinforce legal consciousness of rhe employees, aiming at keeping all the performance and manufacture in the line.

Quality Control
The Group set up an entire Quality Control Monitoring System, based on the standard of management experience and food safety, in order to offer high-quality products for our clients. This system covers many links such as supply evaluation logistic management etc. For example, during supply evaluation phase, all the suppliers that collaborate with us have to pass through industry certification, and then the Group will take an evaluation over the whole progress from process craft to quality control; during logistic phase, an entire formal performance system helps the Group to monitor each link from transportation, distribution, warehousing etc, making sure each records from orders in-put to good-receiving is traceable and accurate.

Clients Support
Cotion has a Customer Service Team, supported by a group of employees who are armed by the abundance of professional knowledge and skills, with a willing to provide its clients with the solutions related to products or laws. The Group cultivates a close relationship with clients, based on our core value –high-effort, integrity, cooperation, in pursuit of flawless quality, attentive to offer a perfect service for our clients.