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Integrated Expertise

Cotion relies on its high-quality of product and high-efficacy of service to meet our clients’ needs. And our R&D delivers comprehensive skills and technical strength, based on different links from raw material selection and purchase, to the relevant laws and regulations, to R&D participation in application recipes, and to different marketing channels, in order to provide clients with a fully integrated solution.

Laws and Client Need

Cotion relies on a years-accumulation of experiences in food industry, knowledge about systematic food & food safety laws and related application products and marketing. It allows the Group to offer an entire, perspective and high-quality service performance and set up a scientific and reasonable barrier for public food security. And the individual command from our clients inspires our technicians to develop our products, innovate and diversify our services throughout a constant attention with laws and regulations on food and food safety.

Strict selection of suppliers and products

The Group has implemented a strict selection on our suppliers, origins, and technical flows etc, and made a comprehensive evaluation about the variety of domestic and international certifications, in order to guarantee that the quality of our food ingredients can give more innovative choices for applications and healthy food.

Strengthening innovation and enhancing competition

The Group bases its activity on our outstanding R&D tradition, while offering a prospective formula, high-quality raw ingredients, and nutritional expert strategy and guidance in line with clients demands with a willing to innovate in the unknown range, and continues to dedicate to health food and nutrition.