The high team spirits based on profession, high-speeding, cooperation and abundance complies with absorbing and inviting person from food ingredients range and trade manager industry with a strong dimension. This results-based culture is supported by the entire value chain that mobilizes from ingredients to clients and unites departments and individuals as a team which is composed of 50 employees.

Cotion is organized in five divisions, corresponding to the special ranges in daily performance:


The governance of Cotion is organized by the group of Supervisory Board who have years of experience in Import& Export trade, mainly focusing on leading the development direction, framing the perfect strategy and coordinating the cooperation among departments.

Sales Team

The sales team of Cotion demonstrates genuine profession, dedication and agility for their members, thanks to the years of experience in food industry and product & sale training, it contributes the great profit enhancing to the group.

Purchase Team

The purchase team is supported by a group of vigorous younger who have a strong purchasing ability to keep the balance between cost and profit meanwhile bring benefit for our clients.

Logistics Team

They dedicate to making the progress of import & export smooth, to keeping a constant attention on the solution of contradiction that happens during the period as goods turnover between departments by the high-effect, simple operating system, in order to save the cost and enhance the working efficiency for the Group.

Technical Team

Comparing with many other trading companies, Cotion places R& D at the heart of its business performance.

With over 12% of employees who graduated from food specialized colleges and worked in famous enterprises in beverages, flavors and health product, dairy products etc, our R&D works in close collaboration with other departments in order to help them grasp the full knowledge about products, to plot marketing strategies, meanwhile keeps a tight connection with our clients on technical support.

Team building and technical training stand in an important position at the Group. With professional and sales ability enhanced, we've created a great profit for enterprise, dedicated to offering the clients instant food marketing information related to multinational food ingredients and technical service, and set up a connection between domestic and overseas ingredient suppliers and clients.