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Founded in 2001, Cotion has focused on the area of food raw materials and ingredients for more than twenty years At the Group, its high standard in objective and rigorous scientific research complying with entrepreneurial spirit of integrity pave a great way by the command of creating a secure, healthy and delicious food environment.

Since its foundation, Cotion has developed a professional leadership in import & export trade of food ingredients and specialty while sticking to fulfilling social obligations, to contributing to worldwide supply chain on food ingredients, and to setting up connections between ingredient suppliers and food manufactures. Cotion-foundation
Globally present, Cotion has not only helped domestic brand to establish international reputation, but also built a close partnership with a series of leading multinational brands, such as DSM, Fonterra, Symrise, Meiji, and Raisio, Hayashikane, Felix, Scelta, Vegenat, Biospringer etc. The partnership focused on a long strategic term, notably in terms of objective and rigorous scientific and research, which allows the Group to accompany its customers towards new market and future. Cotion-foundation
Meanwhile, a rich accumulation of industry experiences, marketing resources and management experience, with combination of its advantages and specialty, are values directly embedded in Cotion identity. Attentive to its existing business base, the Group also committed to diversifying and expanding its market towards seasoning products and animal food industry, and entering the diversified, cross-industry management model. Cotion-foundation

Now, with a strong growth, Cotion is positioned as a provider aiming at food raw materials, seasoning ingredients and animal food range. This evolution took shape as Cotion Ltd., Cotion Commerce Ltd. Shanghai Ease& Cotion etc.

As a member of Shanghai small and medium enterprise association, and one of Shanghai Custom Import& Export enterprises in A class, Cotion has got the support from Shanghai Municipal Government as well as Shanghai Science and Technology Bureau, which provides reliable guarantee and solid foundation for the further development.

The solid growth in Cotion strengthens of partnerships with clients, in order to better cooperate with each other and pursuits of offering the professional products and excellent service multilaterally in food industries.